A budding darkness

A City of Lost Children

After braving a few skirmishes against a band of roving kobolds, and some malnourished bandits, our adventurers find themselves at the gates of the port city of Culph. The kind-hearted Wolvie offers a few spare coins to an old drunk outside of the Stumbling Ass in exchange for some local gossip. The old sot warns them away from the Shrine of the Seeker located across the way, but our heroes ignore his rantings, and proceed to investigate the square in front of the Shrine while enjoying some delicious memorial tacos (R.I.P. Strom). Wolvie approaches a trio of finely dressed ladies and discovers that the Shrine has become quite popular within the last year, while Titus has detected someone in the crowd possesses notable magical power. After an embarrassingly failed stealth mission into the Shrine, Titus and Wolvie enter, and are welcomed to partake in a cleansing ritual by the Voice of the Seeker. After doing battle with their own inner demons, they sense something is amiss. As Titus threatens the Voice with his vorpal blade, an acolyte runs terrified from the Shrine, and a battle ensues. Despite facing overwhelming odds, Wolvie and Titus manage to evade the Voice’s stone guardians and acolytes, and in a display of totally badass teamwork, hurl the Voice against the wall in a torrent of force and flame, incinerating his body, and any information he might have had along with it. Forced to interrogate the hysterical initiate instead, they discover that there is a dungeon located underneath the Shrine, a place which terrifies the poor girl, literally to death. As her lifeless body (thrown by our “heroes”) lands at the bottom of the dungeon staircase, the suddenly alerted jailer Drut Rockhead throws the failsafe switch. Our adventurers proceed cautiously down the hallway, and begin to see that almost every cell contains misshapen and grotesque humanoid monsters. Titus reaches out with his senses and determines that the switch thrown by Drut will slowly incinerate each cell, and the contents within. A pointless debate follows on whether or not our heroes should maybe release all the monsters into the narrow hallway with them, but thankfully they decide not to. Suddenly, children’s voices can be heard halfway down the hall, and our heroes rush to free the boy and girl locked away in this horrible place. As the children run to safety in the temple above, Drut releases his “pet” from the largest cell at the end of the hall. A hulking monstrosity appears, immediately squeezing the life from his caretaker, and proceeding to advance on Titus and Wolvie. Each blow landed upon the creature enrages it, causing it to thrash in the cramped quarters, eventually causing a cave-in, which Titus barely escapes. Once outside the Shrine, our heroes are briefly detained by the city guard, which must investigate the Shrine, and offered a place to stay at the Prancing Unicorn, provided they do not leave the city until speaking with the Captain of the guard. Accompanying them are the two children they rescued, Tix’al and Leeda. Tix’al tells them he is from the snake-worshipping wood-elf tribe that dwells in the Greatscale forest at the foot of the mountains, and that he is the son of the head shaman. Leeda is the daughter of a glassmaster of Stony Brook, and both relate that their homes have seen trouble as of late, and could use the help of such brave men. Our heroes reluctantly agree to accompany Tix’al to his home in the GreatScale woods, and decide to set off the following morning.


I’m beginning to realize that Wolvie and Titus are just giant dicks. I could be wrong.

A City of Lost Children
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