A budding darkness

A Grim Meeting

Titus and Wolvie were able to meet with the messenger Strom at the Two Rivers Crossroads. Strom relayed that Erisha needed assistance with a number of problems receiving shipments of resources from various parts of the province for the upcoming Red Harvest Festival. Before much more information could be related, Strom was tragically killed by a goblin sniper. He was survived by his grotesque wife and a grey rabbit named Billy that neither one really cared for and was really purchased to keep the marriage together. After a fierce battle in which a magical amulet containing the Genasi Avenger Mirdyn was found, summoning the wrathful time-traveler to aid Wolvie and Titus, our adventurers discovered a map on the newly deceased husband of a passable bullywug (look it up) of a woman, indicating possible areas of trouble in the region. Titus and Wolvie decided to head first for the river port city of Culph, hoping to find some clue as the to scope of their mission.


Oh Billy, you silly silly rabbit. I hope to meet this Billy one day.

A Grim Meeting
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