A budding darkness

A Fucked up Festival

The Province of Erisha lies to the East through the Coldridge Mountains. It’s capital, Kirisin City, would be for all intents and purposes a modest provincial capital if not for it’s position astride the two main river ways running out of the mountain passes and down to the main channel of the Great Rush. This has allowed the capital, and in turn the province, to maintain a high standard of living and a robust economy despite its mostly agricultural and mundane resources. Three other factors contribute to the uniquely prosperous nature of Erisha. The first, is the unique quality of glass produced in the western village of Stony Brook. Its common name is dragonglass, and its production is a trade secret jealously guarded by the glassmasters of that town. The second, is the Greatscale venom, which is traded to Kirisin City by a reclusive tribe of elven druids who live in the Greatscale Woods. The method of its harvest is unknown, and most people prefer not to ask. The third is a mysterious celestial event that occurs every 9 years, specific to the region between the Coldridge Mountains and the Kor’koan Sea. The locals call it the Red Harvest, and its original name has long since been forgotten. What is known, is that the 3rd day of the 2nd month of Reaping every nine years produces a red moon that lasts for 1 week. Everyone in the Province of Erisha experiences a substantial heightening of their natural abilities, allowing farmers to reap and sow better crops, healers to perform almost miraculous cures, singers to write heart-rending songs, and magic users to enhance their spells. The first day yields the strongest results, and therefore has been designated as a sacred day, on which all citizens are invited to the capital of Kirisin City to celebrate another 9 year blessing. All children no older than 9 must attend the festival to determine their natural skill enhancement and have it recorded by the provincial watchers. You have been summoned by an anonymous official of Kirisin for an unspecified task related to the upcoming festival. You are to meet a messenger at the Eastern Crossroads 5 days before the end of the first month of Reaping.


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